Good door speakers?

[–]boombox_pimp 7 points 1 day ago  What is your budget? Looking for top of the line? I suggest Morel, Dynaudio, JL, Arc, or Rainbow. Your taste in music would also influence your choice in speakers. permalinksaveeditdisable inbox repliesdeletereply [–]AaronFarmer10[S] 1 point 1 day ago  About £100. I listen to a lot of bass music, so the best suggestion for this? permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]boombox_pimp 2 points 1 day ago  Are you willing to install component speakers or would you rather just drop some coaxials in the stock locations? What size are your stock speakers? If you want to get your hands dirty and install some component speakers, I would suggest these speakers: This site has three types of Focal speakers for £100: Keep in mind that the Rainbows have a silk tweeter, which will give you softer highs. The Focals use aluminum, which can be a little bit more harsh. If you have the chance, audition the speakers before you buy them. I've made some assumptions that you're going to order from a UK-based site, your stock speaker size is 5.25" (13 cm), and you're going to install components. permalinksaveparenteditdisable inbox repliesdeletereply [–]AaronFarmer10[S] 1 point an hour ago  I am in the UK and you have got my speaker size right (5.25"). I wasn't originally willing to install component speakers, but after reading this I am giving it a good deal of thought. Have you used the ones you have suggested? Thank you for your help. permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply

formatting helpreddiquette save [–]Blufuze 4 points 1 day ago  Check out Image Dynamics. I ran them for years and loved them! I received many compliments on their sound. There are so many good choices out there though! permalinksavereportgive goldreply [–]AaronFarmer10[S] 1 point 1 day ago  I will definitely have a look, thanks for the recommendation permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]boombox_pimp 1 point 1 day ago  I agree. ID are also at the top of my list of recommendations. permalinksaveparenteditdisable inbox repliesdeletereply [–]savage24xInfinity Fanboy 1 point 1 day ago  I stand by Harman Kardon/Infinity. permalinksavereportgive goldreply [–]cnrtechheadRF 2xP1S4-12 2 points 1 day ago  Just installed Infinity Reference 6030 components into by BMW. So much nicer than the Rockford Fosgate Primes I had in it before. permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]savage24xInfinity Fanboy 1 point 1 day ago  That's what I'm running in the front of my Colorado, being pushed by a Pioneer GM-3100T permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]AaronFarmer10[S] 1 point 1 day ago  Thank you permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply

I've auditioned older Focal speakers and installed some Rainbows in my friend's car. I haven't used these specific ones, but the quality has always been consistent with these two companies. If you are doubting your skill level, I would opt for some coaxials. Keep in mind that you will have to run multiple sets of speaker wire through your door panel dependending on where you decide to mount your crossover. Mounting the crossover is another issue as well. With a coaxial speaker, all you would have to do is use an adapter to connect the stock speaker wire. While it's more difficult to install components, the difference in sound will be worth it.

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