Had a light bulb moment…

I disagree. Have you watched the Coyote pass blowout yet? They met to talk about it over and over. Meri over and over confronted Kody for saying she did not want the lot with all the trees because he could not possibly know what she wanted because she did not know what she wanted. Meri can never be wrong (see the scene regarding what room her mom was going to take in the B&B). Kody explained over and over that he was trying to give her what she wanted and she kept insisting that she did not know what she wanted. It was exhausting and Kody finally let her win and stated he was just "acquiescent" in the confessional but knew he was right.

Kody explains there that Meri has always "done this dance" and cannot make up her mind. "Right foot no left foot no right foot no left foot"

Kody is definitely a jerk but Meri emotionally pummels him over and over for trying to give her what she wanted (not letting her be the victim for taking the leftover property which is what she really wanted). Meri claims to want a relationship with him but keeps doing the things that bother him the most.

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