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Ugh. Nothing is worse than getting to a customer that is angry at you for how long it took. Especially when it's not your fault. Do they really think this customer is ever going to call back when we told them 39 minutes on the internet and it actually took an hour and a half? granted, this number can be controlled in the store, but the store I worked for was not allowed to set the delivery time above 44 minutes regardless of how long it would take. It's just bad customer service. Amazon does the opposite . They tell you the delivery time will be much longer than it actually is and you are happy when it arrives early.

I don't work for Pizza Hut any longer, but additional things that would help with internet ordering are: ask the customer the name of their apartment complex, subdivision, business, or hotel. Sometimes late at night a lot of these addresses can be crammed together and hard to distinguish, even with GPS. And I'm a seasoned veteran and I can still get confused on a few of them. The new drivers most definitely will. And while we're on the subject, ask them what their apartment number is. So many orders come in with just the address to the apartment complex that I know it has to bean internet problem and not a problem with the customer. Then we call them back and they often times don't pick up and then the order gets old and they always blame the store for it. Also, have all the items easily available on the internet. I remember plenty of times when a customer would want a side saucethat they couldn't find and so they would order something like a ranch and put the actual sauce they wanted as an order note. This can lead to confusion during busy times.

Finally, the computer system should be set up so that all of the notes the customer put in for their order should be available to the cook and the cut table. Why? Because I have seen order after order come in where the customer put something like "light sauce" in the delivery notes and nobody saw the note until the pizza was boxed up and the receipt was printed. And, while were at it, give them plenty of room to write whatever they want . Sometimes there is nowhere near enough room to put all the delivery instructions or all the special kitchen instructions on their order.

Rant over. I'm not sure why I even care anymore, I loved Pizza Hut for my six years there, but boy is it a lot of work.

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