Help me build my first pc!

-What are you plans on overclocking , if given an overclockable rig , will you overclock it for a slight boost in performance ? Overclocking means increasing the speed of processor manually for a slight boost in performance . Is overclocking rig a necessity for you ?

I will overclock if it’s overclockable for a slight boost, as long as it runs esports titles that it’s okay if it can’t be overclocked.

-What resolution(ultra , Full HD , Quad HD) are you targeting for gaming and at what graphic settings ( ultra , high , medium , Low) and what FPS do you want ? ultra means 4k , full hd means 1080p and qhd means 2k?

I’m thinking find medium to high settings at a decent fps 80-100 -Which programs and games do you plan to use ?

-Can you get your hands on latest rtx3000 series graphic card or amd 6000 series graphic card ? If yes , what are the the prices of rtx 3060ti , rtx 3070 , rtx3080 .

  • Also quote the local prices of graphic cards 1650 super , 1660 super , rtx 2060 , rx 5600xt , rx 5700xt .

-Can you get your hands on latest ryzen 5000 series cpu such as 5600x , 5800x and 5900x . If yes , quote the prices at which you can buy them .

-What is the maximum budget you can stretch upto ?

-Due to high demand of pc components for work for home purposes the prices of pc components have scaled upto . Are you willing to wait around 1-2 months till the prices settle down to original or are you willing to give a scaled price (which might mean giving 120% to 150% of the original price ) for best available performance in your budget .

-How long are you looking to use the PC , what would be the possible scenario when you feel your pc is outdated , would you upgrade the PC or buy completely new components?

-CPU or the GPU , what will you give a higher priority during purchase ?

-What are your colour preferences for the case?What case colour would you like to buy ?What colour RGB would you like for the case ?

Answer all the questions and i will get back to you within 24 h

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