[Idea] What were you before the outbreak?

Police Officer Increased accuracy and damage with pistols. HP slowly regens when in a police car. Bonus to Stamina. Spawns in worn police uniform Nurse/Doctor Increased HP regen when using bandages and first aid kits. Can revive dead players within a small time frame Bandages restore more Health. added: Spawns either wearing sexy nurse gear or surgery gear Mechanic Repair vehicles faster Can pull car parts from wrecked vehicles. While driving a car they can take a beating. added: Slightly increased melee strength when using wrench/hammer added: Can pull a small amount of fuel from fuel pumps from garages added: Spawns wearing greasy coveralls Military Increased accuracy and damage with all firearms. Eating MRE's restores a small bonus to health. You don't flinch when taking damage. Spawns in worn military uniform. Bushman Bonus Energy and Hydration when eating berries. Passive HP regen when in the forest. Reduced hydration and energy decay. 5% movement speed increase. Stamina drains slower. Traps do more damage. You can survive longer when starving. Construction Worker All structures build have increased durability. Repair buildings at a faster rate. added:Reduced energy decay due to working long hours not stopping for breaks added:Can carry more slots of items due to owning a tin sandwich case/ Builders belt added: Passive HP regen when in the industrial areas added: Spawns in worn builders gear with safety helmet added: A small increase in melee strenth when using hammers/crowbars

added:Civilian (maybe genericly spawning dressed in a Romero's food store overals, gardener maybe full suit etc random for the lol but ingame building named clothing items :)

added:Bonus Energy and Hydration when eating berries added: Cooking bonus when adding items to logfire/bbq have a small %increase added: Can perform CPR due to being a basic 1st aider and has a small % to revive within a small time frame added: Any food items that are grown have a slight small increase to amount produced

Just edited it a bit with some of my ideas :)

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