Idk why but I don't like the iPhone 12 mini's status bar. The clock and icons are so cramped. They are positioned too low as well. I mean, Apple is said to be "meticulous" so this is a bit disappointing...

1.Good phones my ass you said ot yourself they've always been 1-3 years behind the market so you're the one contradicting yourself.

That’s my point... you don’t need the latest tech to make a good phone. You don’t think a phone with 1-3 year hardware sells REALLY well proves my point? People don’t care about faster refresh screens.

I'm not talking about the US im talking about the entire world.

Apple STILL isn’t the minority in the entire world. iPhones aren’t the minority in the US, and they aren’t the minority in the entire world. There isn’t a loud minority, stop being delusional.

weak ass cpu, a ratshit ecosystem

Be honest... the Apple A series chips beats any mobile CPU in the world. You can’t lie to me there. Look at any benchmark AND real world usage review. What ratshit ecosystem? Who makes the best smart watch? Apple. Who makes the best tablet? Apple. Who makes the best wireless earbuds? It sure isn’t fucking Samsung. AirPods dominate the market. Apple’s ecosystem is far from shitty.

consumers that buy apple products dont want to challange themselves

Why do I have to challenge myself just to buy a phone? That seems counterintuitive...

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