I'm so bad at asking for money! Can anyone help me work out what I should be charging for a bigger than usual project.

Hello Ben - funny enough I had already found your post and found it very helpful! I've also just subscribed to your email course. I'm a bit embarrassed about to be asking for advice on this - it is really kind of you to offer to chat - do you have a 'buy me a coffee' button or anything like that on your site? Seems like the least I can do!

Basically I've been free lancing for three years but doing very small bits of work with fairly standard costs. I've now been approached to design and help launch a learning programme for a small charity - a much bigger job than I've quoted for before - and I'm struggling to decide whether the timescales and costs I've come up with are way too low, way too high or about right!

I'll be producing the following elements of the learning project for them:

Ten curriculum linked-learning packs which will be available on their website for schools to download. I'll be writing all the content as well as doing the design and will include two rounds of edits. (I estimate this will take 4 - 6 days of work per pack)

Content and resources for three curriculum linked workshops to be led by volunteers. (I estimate this will take me 5 days of work per workshop).

A volunteer training programme and supporting resources (10 days to produce)

Supporting policies, risk assessments etc. (5 days to produce).

So a total of 80 days of work. Based on a day rate of £150/ day that's £12,000. I'd be working on it 2.5 days per week so would have the work complete in 8 months.

On paper that looks like a huge amount of money! If someone presented you with this would you feel it was unreasonable?

Any tips on presenting them with my costs and timescales in the most professional way?

Thanks again!

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