[WP] “They got lost in the forest, and stumbled upon a demon. It was a sad moment... For the demon.”

"So, where are we?"

Hannibal looked around. "I see trees," he said.

Marilyn took a water bottle from her bag and drank from it. It was cool here beneath the shadows of the trees, and a bit calm too. The forest was quiet—the only noise coming from the crinkling of the bottle.

Marilyn wiped her mouth and burped. "A hell of a lot of trees," she said.

Hannibal was drawing a circle in the dirt with a stick. "Maybe we should start a fire."

Marilyn through a rock against at a branch. "Why do that?" she asked.

"Oh, you know. For the demon. Demons are great navigators."

Marilyn slouched against a tree. "Good luck with that. Just don't asked me to be twistin' sticks."

"No need," said Hannibal, "I have a lighter."

Marilyn looked to Hannibal, who was now drawing triangles within the circle. She grimaced. "Actually, I might have stolen your lighter and then lost it."

Hannibal pursed his lips, still focused on his drawing in the dirt. "That sucks."

Marilyn chuckled. "Yeah."

Hannibal finished his drawing and threw the stick to the side. He unzipped his pants and began urinating into the circle.

"Hey! Excuse me?" said Marilyn.

Hannibal put up a hand. "Hold on," he said.

He was still urinating when something began to bubble in the dirt, bubbling and bubbling until two sharp objects rose slowly from the ground. They were horns. They rose and rose until a scalp appeared, and then a pair of yellow eyes, and sharp nose, and then an ugly mouth. Hannibal was still urinating when finally the whole head showed above ground, and then he stopped, and with his urination completed the head ceased it's rising from the ground.

"What in God's name?" said the head.

Hannibal smiled to Marilyn. "Usually a flame does the trick but I had to improvise." He looked to the head popping of the ground, clearly displeased and said to Marilyn, "You mind helping me finish?"

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