Johnny Cash "Hurt" - Ukulele Tab

I try not to react to these types of comments online for the most part. But... what? I posted this free tab on my youtube page for the sum total cost of $0 to anyone who finds it interesting or useful. It's on my website (paid for monthly and edited by me personally on my own time) where you can download it for free. I do it out of a passion for ukulele and music. I spend weeks, and sometimes even months, on these solo fingerstyle arrangements and ask for nothing back for them aside from an occasional thumbs up if people like it just to stay encouraged to keep going. But man, I'll be honest with you, this comment really sort of hit at a bit of an off time for me. I've been struggling to find the motivation recently to keep working hours-on-end during my free time to work out new arrangements, especially when some of them sort of just get swept under the rug if it's not popular. Then I log onto reddit after work to see how things are going, and the first and only comment I see essentially insinuates, "why did you even bother". But I digress..

What is even your point here? This arrangement isn't even in the key that you posted. Am - C - D is not the same as Dm - F - G as is used in this arrangement. I had to use a different key so that the lower melody notes were accessible (since in the key of Am, the lowest notes go lower than the lowest C available on Uke). And aside from that, I can't even find one single other solo finger-style arrangement for this song on ukulele. If you can post me one single link of a solo fingerstyle arrangement (that incorporates both chords and vocal melody into the arrangement) then I will take this one down.

Don't really think we needed a disparaging comment for this.

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