Just got my S8+!!! What are the first things I should do?

stop being a gay fanboy

I stopped reading there. Like I said, I'm literally writing this from my iPhone 8 with my android tablet and GS8 sitting next to me.

Also I don't customize my phone, and the fact that you think that's the only reason anyone would prefer android shows you're clueless in a bubble.

Just off the top of my head:

  • iOS camera, even on this iPhone 8 "best iPhone camera ever, a huge step from that previous 2016 generation" is shit and looks like waterpaint at the fine-detail level. My Nexus 6p (from 2015) shows detail in the TEXTURE of my iris and individual hairs of my eyebrows--thats with the selfies cam. The iPhone 8 looks like my eyebrows are waterpainted on and the iris is just a general color, like a 2007 point and shoot 7MP camera.

  • App store is worse than useless. Try searching for "Reddit". 7 of the first 10 apps have nothing to do with Reddit. The best iOS Reddit app isn't even listed. And that app, Narwhal, is literally years behind ANY of the top 10 Android Reddit apps, not to mention it will never approach the Polish or feature-rivhness or intuitiveness or meticulously thought-out design of Androids best Reddit app--Relay.

  • Thats true for all iOS apps. They're all shit-tier with low polish and no basic features. Look at calculator apps on android vs iOS. Look at eBook readers, web browsers, audiobook players, media players, ANYTHING.

  • The UI is shit. No back button means that whenever you can't swipe to go back you have to close the entire app and re-navigate from the start, which often includes typing (e.g. maps). No double tap to switch to the previous app is pre-app-tier logic. Want to change camera settings? No problem, just completely exit out of the camera app, into the settings app, into the camera settings, and then back to the camera app. Want to delete a series of, say, 30 pictures? Have fun tapping each one individually, and don't accidentally tap a UI element or you get to start all over again.

  • forced to use stupid walled garden 2007_·-tier shit like iTunes, can't drag and drop files when where and how I want.

  • no systemwide non-hacking adblocking.

  • since you can't download files with safari or do file management, there has been almost no development on apps that use files, like eBook readers or audiobook players or PDF apps etc etc etc.

  • can't change default apps because 2007 was great

  • Everything about iOS and the iPhone is trash. It has nothing to do with being a fanboy or Android customization, only someone who lives in a bubble and gets his opinion from 2010 memes would think that.

  • iPhone advantages: syncs with Apple watch, and is the only decent phone with a decent camera AND an IPS display in a small form factor (not plus model).

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