Trump attacks mayor of San Juan: 'They want everything to be done for them'

Most of that 40% are simply thinking about Party ("I'm a Republican, not a racist or misogynist.", and they probably aren't), and not truly understanding that the old party of Republicans is not the new one. Why? They are trapped in a bubble of their own design. One in which they refuse to hear, or believe, news outside of their "trusted" sources.

Unfortunately, these "news" and information sources either put so much spin on the situation (as to practically be fiction), speculate (straight-up fiction), or ignore and don't inform (the opposite of what the news is supposed to do). "Big News" (both sides) is a corporate, manipulation machine, which is owned by the same oligarchs who are profiting from government control (in this case, by population control via manipulation, which grants control).

Even independent news sources seem to come at a story from an angle now. It appears that in the "click bait", polarized society that we are in, finding unbiased reporters who simply tell the facts is hard: "Here are the facts. No spin. No views (although I might have mine, they are mine, so I will keep them to myself). No speculation. No agenda. Now, it's your job to make up your own mind about these things (instead of being spoon fed what you should think)."

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