The Kabal, Grimy Goons, and Jade Lotus may have retired, but their powerful artifacts are just waiting to be harnessed for schemes.

"In fact, they're pretty tame, especially due to lack of spell-synergies. Compare to giving a hero power +1/+1 or 1 mana more worth of stuff, but making said hero power cost 1 more to compensate"

Nobody cares about spell synergies especially not decks that would run these cards. And you are seriously comparing these cards to upgraded hero powers?

"There are no other Jade Golems in Standard. So on turn 3 it is a 3 mana 1/1 + "draw a card". On turn 4 it is a 3 mana 2/2 + "draw a card" (unless you can fill that 1 extra mana, spending turn 4 playing a 2/2 and drawing a card is really bad). You need to play this card twice before it starts to pay off, and that's very slow. 6 mana for 3/3 worth of stats before playing it is worthwhile."

Well obviously no one's going to play this card in Standard. But Wild isn't some shithole where it is ok to have absolutely broken cards in.

"Kazakus's jar is comparable to AI, only it doesn't get spell synergies when played. Would Mage play AI without Sorc Apprentice? I dunno. It lets Control Warlock, Control Priest, or Control Mage come back and compete with value against Control Warrior, but it's still very slow and not as powerful as Boom Mad Genius."

Spell synergy again? This is a late game card, no late game decks care about "spell synergies". Also this is absolutely not comparable to AI. There's a difference for control decks between drawing 2 cards from your deck, thus getting closer to fatigue, and discovering a card, thus generating value without expending any other cards in your deck. Very slow is never a problem for control decks.

"Han'cho's badge is probably the best of the 3 for one main reason - hand-buff failed because you could get jank hands, but the badge lets you play a minion-heavy deck and consistently have a hand-buffer, which is pretty good. But it's still pretty damn slow. Hand-buffer decks probably don't want to do "3 mana do nothing" when they want to push damage, and there aren't that many instances of "hand-buff-lovers" in Standard."

Nah, Han'Cho's is the worst. No deck that cares about buffing minions will spend 3 mana to buff minions in hand. You are right on this one when you say it's too slow.

"Yes, the badge and the insignia are insane in Wild, but Wild is Wild so I don't think it is a big deal."

Once again, Wild matters.

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