This Man Needs People's Sympathy, not Baldwin. He's Been Overlooked

I totally have sympathy for him too and imagine the awkwardness, trauma, and PTSD of it all. The cinematographer is dead and the production is over. It is just a shame. I am sure everyone still feels shocked and in a lot of anguish over the whole thing. I mean who wouldn't? Yeah there should have been more safety measures in place. No matter what happens criminally or civilly, nothing will undo what has been done. There has to be healing an an attempt to do right and improve safety on sets in the future. Don't let this tragedy be in vain. Help the industry so that this will not happen because it has happened before. Take the opportunity to help make film and TV work safer because unfortunately some have died in the past of accidents. There is always a chance to take an awful situation and help humanity prevent further accidents and loss of life. Even if this means more cost, the lives of the cast and crew are valuable. A lot of workplaces have standards like OSHA or other safeguards and a film set should be no different. Really the blame can be a continuous circle but when it comes to it, there needs to be solid safety procedures that everyone follows and and clear chain of responsibility if something is not followed when it comes to firearms and pyrotechnics.

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