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I'm going to use simple words for you. Every witch I've met and conversed with on a meaningful level, which numbers around a dozen, have figured this out on their own. Never mind the eons of symbolism trying to point this out.

I live in the deep south in one of the few pagan strong holds for thousands of miles. In this hellish place we have an occult shop were occultist that are free enough of ego and social quirks often gather to chat it up over some tea and laugh at Christians. I met a few of them there that came to this on their own. I have no fewer than 4 witches I work with on a regular basis that came to the exact place on their own.

Hey if you want to ignore all of this that's all yours. I don't give the slightest fuck what you do or what paths you follow or what ignorance you find your bliss in.

You show up in every single thread bashing people that don't put a special disclaimer just for you. AS ABOVE SO BELOW this generally means a couple of things to most people and that you state boldly in thread after thread that people "state their opinions and paths as pure undeniable fact as if we are not talking about a purely symbolic concept" while stating in the next breath that real life mingling and sharing of experience pointing out what millions have come to realize just in this lifetime is clearly "impossible" because it doesn't fit your mindset and own personal opinions.

So what is it? is certainty possible or not? you seem quite convinced of yourself for someone that defines certainty or even ageless commonalities as impossible.

I leave my house and mingle. I base my beliefs on what works and have spent years searching for commonality and asking questions of any witches that would humor me in the search for knowledge and my own personal/shared truth. These obviously aren't yours and I can say I feel no pity. I don't have a problem with challenging my thoughts and contrary quite welcome the occasion. You're simply annoying and that's why people have a problem with you myself included.

Again I'm not saying my truth is yours or ultimate but many people have found a few reoccurring things and themes since the dawn of time and bitching at every last one of them for not putting a disclaimer just for you won't make you a lot of friends in this life or any other.

I'm off to do some readings for my imaginary community. gl with that.

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