Day One Freestyle Rap over Ratatat - Loud Pipes

That's funny, as soon as I read this comment 9 hours ago, I immediately began working on a site exactly like that! I just finished it and am now a millionaire. What are the odds we would have the exact same idea, only some amount of time apart from one another! That's straight up crazy yo. I'm stoned and I was up all night drinking. The doctor also raised my dose on adderall yesterday. So that's my excuse if you are wondering what the fuck is wrong with me :)

Dammit. In a mindset like this, I just keep typing. Without even remembering what the original point was.

As a matter of fact, this is actually the ultimate mindset for freestyling. I don't do drugs, and I never have ever, ever ever; but back when I was less responsible than I am now, I used to do drugs. If I were to do some methamphetamine, whatever that is, and I stayed up for at least one whole night, or even a couple/few, and then when it was (theoretically) time to come down from the blur of a high that is meth, I would always (never) drink beer and/or smoke weed to effectively eliminate any negative feelings I may (or may not) have been feeling due to the back side of the high. Both is better, weed is second best, and beer is also great. Oh, there is also the opiate option. That is the best one actually. (I gotta stop romanticizing my drug-addled past) Anyway, the combination of insomnia, coming down off amphetamines and weed/beer/opioids is my all time favorite state of mind. It's indescribable. You would think that since you are coming down off of hard drugs, that you would inevitably feel like shit, and you do a little. You feel sore and weak and become short of breath just from walking to the bathroom.

But the strangest thing happens to my brain. (I honestly can't say if it is just me, people with similar brains as me, or if it's universal)

My thoughts and my mouth become disconnected. Like, almost completely. I can control my mouth for usually about a sentence if I'm lucky. (varies on how long I've been up) But there is apparently a different part of my brain that takes over my words. I don't know how to explain it, but I become a comedy/rap genius. Both comedy and rap for some reason. (And abstract storytelling, but that isn't relevant at the moment.)

I suddenly start making the most hilarious, clever jokes, without a thought. They're basically always jokes that I'd never heard before, never thought of before, never had any reason to think that part of my brain knew that joke. It's awesome. Because it's like I get to enjoy the cleverness of my jokes with everyone else. Because I literally have no concept of anything I am saying at the time.

This extends to rap as well. I become a freestyle genius. No joke. It's so weird. It's shit I'd never practiced or prepared or had even the outline for. I don't know what exactly it is that is going on in those situations, but I wish there was a way to get there without the hassle and chaos of meth. Apparently adderall works to get me here a little too. Not nearly like I get in the above scenario. But right now I think I'm going to end Ramble Ruckus 2015 and go test out these fabled freestyle skills. I can't believe you read all that. Good for you. ;)

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