Mindcrack UHC - Season 25 - Episode 9

Wow, as I just notice everybody is flaming us for trapping the portal. In fact, the latest UHC is my worst ever rated video..

Alright, I guess you don't like it but there was no rule against it and it wasn't like we were camping there just for the sake of it.. We killed 4 Endermen during that time, not getting a single pearl, which is just really unfortunate and if we had, we would've went immediatly.

On another note, the fortress didn't even do much, Doc and Seth, who both stood inside died to blue invading it. But everybody was sooo focused on it and didn't look at their surroundings, which made it easy to get 4 kills with a strong sword.

So srsly, we were there first, after having to flee and run across the entire map again and having time to build an improvised fort. And nobody forced blue to attack.. They could've just waited till we go in and then jump us in the end, would that have been cheap tactics then?

I really enjoyed this season and it should be about the fun and the amazing fight we got in the end and I hope I can participate again at some point.

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