More orders using car

I agree with a lot of your and others points. Cars are dirtier for environment defo, but in my area they are necessary. I’m a car driver and I get sent on all the 7 mile round trips, and I’m happy to do that. It feels like team work, bicycles pick up the short distances, cars do the rest. By the amount of long distances I get sent on I have to presume it’s because the cyclists refuse them. It works out well. To those that think the cars are more money makers, I would say this: I’m full time and the car costs me £200 a month in petrol, £200 a month for ridiculous Zego insurance, plus private insurance, paying for car, servicing etc etc. The problem lies with these dubious characters that sign up as cyclists and then drive cars, no insurance, with very little care for customer service or appearance. They are making us all look bad and Deliveroo should be taking action against them. It should be obvious that a cyclist that does 30-40 miles and hour isn’t actually on a bike!

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