North American Pug Admins

It's time to address the elephant in the room (well at least in the NA room) even though a lot of people will disagree with me. The community is toxic and terrible towards anyone that the self elected community leaders deem unfit to play this game. "Queef Chief", A.K.A. "Lazy", is the one who is driving the the toxicity. He creates his own set of rules, ridicules anyone that doesn't follow them and exempts himself from them. He holds people to his standards of skill and excludes anyone who doesn't live up to them by getting him and his followers (H3art, Zombie, angrypolak and myself) to votekick the so called "shitters" out of the game, directly violating rule #5. When he doesn't have enough people to successfully votekick a player out of the game he refuses to get in the server in order to protest the player in question, and says things like (specific to my instance) "game aint starting til Hitscan gets kicked" which leads players who otherwise wouldn't kick the player to do it in order to start a match. On the rare occasion that he "allows" one of the "shitters" to play a match, he scalds them at any minor mistake, ignores it when they do something productive, and when he does something that is more counterproductive than productive, he acts as if it didn't happen, which shows his blatant hypocrisy. This already has and will continue to effect the community at launch in a bad way unless something changes. If new players are greeted by obnoxious people who just want to bitchslap anyone who doesn't kiss their ass, they will be driven away immediately(Pardon the foul language). I think that this toxic behavior at least warrants a warning, and if it continues after that then a ban may be the best option to relieve the toxicity. Devs, I hope you will at least take what I have said here into consideration. Sincerely, Your friendly neighbour .

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