[Omegle transcript] White guy & Asian Girl

[ cont.d]

You: Fuck your ass softly

Stranger: what should i think of when i do it

You: Imagine a white man is charging a penny for people to walk in the door and watch you as you fuck your yellow ass hole.

Stranger: im worth that much?

You: Imagine all it takes to make it free is for someone to propose that instead of paying that they go in and beat her together instead.

Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Stranger: more in my ass, sir? further?

You: How does the fucking feel?

Stranger: so gud

You: Try it a little faster first.

Stranger: i am Stranger: fast

You: How fast?

Stranger: very ;p

You: How you go long without something in your ass is pretty miraculous based off of your actions tonight. You: Take another inch, ass slut.

Stranger: i gotta stop soon, though Stranger: it hurts a lot Stranger: but its worth it Stranger: one more inch then finish? Stranger: i dont think i can get another inch in, honestl

You: How much does it hurt right now?

Stranger: maybe a little further Stranger: a fair bit Stranger: 8?

You: Ah. You: Slow down then. You: And close your eyes and breathe. Focus on relaxing your ass.

Stranger: i have to go soon.

You: I see.

Stranger: in 15 minutes i leave to get somewhere at half past

You: Well then go as far as you can for me little slut. You: And then pull out.

Stranger: just pulled out, hurts a lot now... Shit. Stranger: It'll get better though, I think. Stranger: um.. Wow. Stranger: I liked that... Stilll... Lol

You: Try to relax like iv'e told you. It's just your ass breaking.

Stranger: Um, by the way Stranger: I took a lot less than I realized

You: I know. You: You're over confident. You: It's common.

Stranger: it felt like a lot.

You: Cus it's your ass hole.

Stranger: :) Stranger: Yeah. Stranger: I took in about an inch. Still really happy about that. Stranger: Anal is completely new to me.

You: Now fish out that rice and have a nice little reward, you dumb gook.

Stranger: well, not exactly, but yeah Stranger: Okay :) Stranger: Can I make a suggestion? Stranger: You're still my master. Stranger: But if I could eat it and then cum quickly before I head off?

You: That's not too bad, I suppose. Next time we start with the brush. You prestretch so you can go further with big things. That's how it owrks.

Stranger: Then talk through reddit tomorrow? Or arrange something, rather. Stranger: Yeah, sure. Stranger: That makes sense, of course. Stranger: Thank you for the wonderful time Stranger: You're really perfect. Stranger: <3

You: I'm not interested in you cumming. You: hehe You: Thanks.

Stranger: I feel all warm and tingly. Stranger: :P

You: Rice is your reward tonight. You: No cumming. You: Cum tommorow, if you need.

Stranger: Please, Sir.

You: No, gook. Plowing your ass was clearly more than enough reward for you.

Stranger: Okay, fair enough.

You: Hehe. It's race play. I don't suppose logic has much to do with it.

Stranger: I eat my gookrice then I go :)

You: Okay. You: Tell me how it is. I think you cooked this longer. You: Also, just message me on Reddit. We'll figure something out. I'd also like that pic from the shoulder down, since you're shy.

Stranger: I think that can be done after today. You were so great and I feel confident in you, enough to do it. Stranger: Moister, wetter. there's still some rice in there, Sir. Stranger: I think I can grab it, though, shit. Stranger: 4

You: Great. Looking forward to your trashy pics of your worthless body.

Stranger: maybe Stranger: <3 Stranger: I feel happy and loved when you degrade me like that.

[Somethings omitted to protect privacy. Hope you enjoyed.]

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