Raceplay Question

Script for you...


"Hello Sir. I'm really embarrassed. Don't think I have ever been more ashamed.

But here I am, naked on camera.

I've always been shy about even showing cleavage. Now here is everything I have on display.

I want to thank you for showing me my true place. Showing me how to behave.

The truth, God this is hard!

The truth is you have the right to see and use my body as you see fit.

You have the right because you are white and I am, oh God, I know I have to say it. I am a NI88er. I am a piece of sexual livestock for my white betters to use.

I hope you enjoy looking at my naked brown tits. You can be as rough as you like with them."


"Also, this scares me but I have never had anal sex. I denied this to my past black boyfriends who asked for it over and over.

But you can have the last virginity I have. You have the right to break in your slave. To break me completely. This ass belongs to you.

I'm very ashamed of this video. But I want you and anyone watching to know, it belongs to you. Show it to other white men who will enjoy my humiliation.

Oh, oh do I have to?

Yes Sir. I promise to show this video to other black women to show them their true place.

Sir. I will never be the same after making this video. My pride is gone. Thank you for stripping me of my pride!

Now I can be a good ni 88er pet."

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