Please stop sharing graphic Holocaust photos. I'm a Jewish Holocaust educator. Pleaae believe me when I say these images do a disservice to the victims and perpetuate antisemitism.

Honestly, as a Jew, I’m pretty surprised that these are new and shocking images for so many people, when everyone I knew grew up with seeing them, reading and talking about this stuff frequently. I think there’s a time and place for these brutal pictures and I guess it’s good that people are seeing it if they haven’t been exposed before but scrolling through non-contextualized images of piles of naked dead people mixed in with Taylor Swift and kitten photos is really uncomfortable and weird and feels like it would be really desensitizing and is cheapening the tragedy of it.

Personally, if people want to share things from the Holocaust in here, I’d like to see people sharing more personal and interesting profiles about 1930s Eastern European Jews (and others) that they’ve found because they were all people, not just bodies and maybe resources on where to find the rest of the information but the dozens of uncensored camp photos alongside all of this silly stuff is really weird.

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