JU from r/patientgamers I’m convinced this is an Alzheimer’s group spin-off sub that keeps forgetting they played Doom 2016.

Doesn’t just apply to Doom 2016 of course. Games like Witcher 3, Fallout 3/NV/4, RDR2, etc. I understand popular games are obviously going to be brought up more, but when the conversations are all the same with no meaningful insight I just get fatigued.

Imagine subbing to a place called r/patientmoviegoers and, terrible name aside, they describe themselves as being disconnected from all the modern hype and discussions. But then every week for the next year the only things from them you see on your feed is Marvel movies, Star Wars, DC, etc. Imagine seeing people gush about Infinity War on a non-marvel dedicated sub for years on your feed, each time getting hundreds upon thousands of upvotes. That’s r/patientgamers with Doom 2016.

I know they’re not technically in the wrong cause it’s still within the guidelines for the rules, but I don’t think gamerguy2003’s thrilling essay on how Fallout New Vegas is a good game will make me self reflect on my own thoughts of NV after I’ve already read 20 other threads following the exact same format in the post 2 months.

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