PSA: Read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Example: Nicotine addiction is one of the weakest addictions there is. Withdrawal is so slight you deal with it every single day and barely notice it. The only reason you believe it to be so extreme is your mindset. Like that of a toddler who gets his toys taken away, the toddler screams and cry’s and his face gets red and he gets upset. His “symptoms” are very real but its because of his mindset that he wants it and wants it and cant have it these symptoms come about not because the toys being taken away caused it. Nicotine does nothing for you. It doesn’t calm you down or ease your stress. Quite the opposite. Its what created it in the first place. Every time you take a hit of a vape or take nicotine in any form its to alleviate the withdrawal caused by the previous dose of nicotine. Break the cycle and the dependence dies quickly, 3-5 days. Then change your mindset realize it does nothing for you and you’re free forever.

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