Pulled the ole switcheroo

nobody’s forcing you to call them anything lol that’s your problem that you’re creating for yourself in your own head my guy. however, since you’re a human being, and he’s a human being, and you guys both have the capacity for empathy that he would show you as well if you were suffering from this disorder, you should expect yourself to be a bit more respectful and open minded. if you have some other hypothesis to solve people suffering from gender dysphoria, then why don’t you offer it up? i already asked you to define gender, which you couldn’t answer, and directed you to do some research about something that you clearly don’t understand. if you’re interested, here is showing that the brian structure of trans and non-trans people of the same gender are similar. no matter what you say, this is clearly a problem people are dealing with that not only has nothing to do with you, however these people are clearly struggling and you denying what they are going through is just kinda dumb. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4987404) i will admit it’s weird, however it’s way less emotionally exhausting to not get so hung up on what other people are doing with their lives, and maybe you could direct some of that energy to make a more positive impact on other people. if you disagree with him, try to understand where he’s coming from rather than try to act like they’re personally attacking you and forcing you to act a certain way. that’s just you.

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