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not many people know this but clicking fast is the key to success in life. in fact there are many gods waiting among the clouds in the heavens closely watching everyone's fingers as they pvp. now what happens is that if a player is skilled enough to have a clicking speed reach a certain threshold the gods will unanimously decide that he is the chosen one and that he should be granted superhuman clicking powers which will consequently allow him to have much success in life and make many moneys. the gods noticed that you had a pinky in the air and took it as a sign of confidence and capability so they all agreed that you would be worthy of clicking master title and cast a magic spell on your pinky which enhances your muscle strength of your pinky by several levels. the numbness is simply a side effect of this magic spell. when the numbness wears off you can try clicking with your pinky alone which is done by grasping the mouse with four fingers and resting the pinky on the left mouse button and you will find that nothing is happening. of course this is false as your pinky is moving so fast that your eyes cannot see it and if you go on minecraft and you go near someone and start clicking he will die instantly due to how many times he is getting hit in that certain period of time. on the topic of potting and refilling that is no problem as your pinky has turned into a sentient being and is capable of doing those two things with minimal effort. you will barely notice your inventory opening when you are refilling and potting simply looks like you are being covered with pink particles because of how fast you are throwing them on the ground. you have to be careful though as using this ability over a long period of time can wear out your body and cause your entire arm to be extremely stiff after a few hours, so keep your clicking in check. hopefully you have read this and are on your way to be the ultimate pvp god.

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