Quitting Vaping Sale! Truck V1, authentic Patriots, drip tips, misc. Priced to go!!!

So I've been on zero for a while and I'm vaping less and less. Time to quit! I'm not looking to haggle, the prices are low imho. If you buy multiples I'll knock some $$$ off though. Anything bought before noon eastern time tomorrow will be shipped tomorrow. Any purchase under $25 will be +$3 shipping. Otherwise shipping is on me. Every purchase gets a free thing from this pic. (Wick, wire, ohm reader, flush wire cutters, battery wrap, noalox/no-ox-id a1.) I just remembered i have a nitecore 2 bay charger too. Buy everything for 200 175 shipped.


V1 with poorly drilled cap, brass Taurus cap, ss Halo cap, Authentic Enigma (basically an American made patriot from a different company, all the patriot caps fit it perfectly and it has the same 3 post design. Great piece that was my daily dripper.), and an authentic V2 with the blueish/gunmetal cap. 75 for all of them that's 3 bases and 4.5 caps.

Other atties

Origen V2 clone. Center post spins. Free with anything else.

Z-Atty U Genesis Rba. I've never used it because I'm too lazy for gennies Sold

Mutation X. Authentic, $12


MVP 2.0. Well used but still works like it always did. $15

Slug clone The copper battery cartridge thing is kind of a tight fit FYI. Otherwise it works well. $20

Truck V1. 60watt raptor box by amdcursed. He rewired it for me a couple months ago. It works perfectly and is in great shape. $90

Drip tips

15 of them for $25

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