Religions phases of maturity - from Xianity to Islam - atrocities time projection theory: Opinions pls.

Thank you for this...

The question approaches religion in a problematic way both theoretically and methodologically. Methodologically, anthropology gave up long ago on trying to use predictive models like that - X people did something like this, so I predict that Y will do something parallel - it just isn't accurate. And theoretically, I think the point about theologically and ideologically motivated violence is a good one. Collective violence is not a symptom of immaturity. It emerges out of ideologies that gain traction for specific reasons in that historical context.

Do you ever think that collective violence or periods of extended peace could be measurable according to some kind of evolutionary process? - be it for a group within a group, or an entire species development?. I am looking for patterns of a fractal nature... One that humans conform to, not one that necessarily is borne out of cultural bias or ethnocentricism.

As per OPs point, I see that Anthrolopogists, like Historians on reddit are absolutely not tempted of extrapolating the data to form some sort of predictive analysis on this, as are those in the Christianity subreddit.

I guess no one wants to risk an opinion on the future, and yet it's ironic that we have data available that might help us do this in such a turbulent and volatile time of human history.

Not sure if it's political correctness, fear, or just that people are too stumped and overwhelmed by it all to consider these things.

I get that people are cautious and add caution to this approach, but if I ask, based on their own understanding how they might extrapolate a projection for the length of time a certain collective human behaviour might take to play itself out... I'm always drawing a blank "I don't know" - or try asking "x" group!..

I shall take my ideas to another group - I think I shall try developmental psychologists and find some mystics (somewhere!?) next, to get their take.

Thanks for your input.

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