Will Russians And Chinese Beat SpaceX To Mars?

It's racist to turn this into an us vs. them thing. As an Asian American I'd much rather see collaboration. The US denied China access to the ISS but collaborated with Russia (mainly coz we had no choice). The EU went so far as to become dependent on Roscosmos. But is China so much worse than Russia politically. No, they just look and siund different from white Europeans. I find all this xenophobia pretty ridiculous. There is so much paranoia about Asian countries becoming a threat to the West that horrible weapons had to be unleashed on them (Agent Orange, atomic bombs, etc) but the worst behaviors have come from European countries (eg, Hitler in Germany, Putin invading Ukraine). In the end it all looks a lot like racial subjugation, where any country that isn't white with a strong economy and military automatically is targeted for suppression by the West because...how dare these brown and yellow people not obey us?

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