men say women are less effective than men in [ insert dangerous job] but also complain about only men doing [dangerous job] ?

I see you are kind of traditional Christian, I can see this because the way you are talking about men and women roles. Man work, women taking care of kids.

I mean, there is nothing wrong with this statement EXCEPT it doesn't have to be like that. You know, women can make money and men can take care of kids, and what will you do with this?

And yes, average men is stronger than average women but at the same time women are much more durable to pain and have bigger endurance. So do I think that some jobs are not the Best choice for men or women? Yes, and mostly it's because we live in the world where women can't feel completely safe even just on the street, they are more likely to be raped, same on the war. So it's not really all about strength (I mean, it's of course much harder but everyone can workout, don't they?) and it's more about how fucked up other men are. If women wouldn't be afraid of becoming sexual slave if someone catched them the statistics maybe would be different.

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