Report: CT, Greater Hartford missed out on tech jobs boom

Let's be honest, you didn't go to Yale, you went to a diploma mill like everyone else. And you are the one obsessed with your education credentials. Personally the smartest people I've worked with have had no degree. They certainly didn't have MBA. I'm particularly biased against MBAs because I've noticed the trend that they are bubbling idiots and use the schooling to mask their worthlessness. I want to meet a smart one, but it hasn't happened yet.

Who cares about my boss? The point is a master's in CS at least has some classes that could be classified as challenging and needing classtime to help learn.

Not like these MBA classes where you do remedial accounting 101 or write group papers like it's highschool. Seriously, you're a joke. Luckily I don't work for pricks or with them.

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