Review of Batman: Arkham Knight

Wow. You drive a car in gotham, you fly, you beat up criminals and can look at their bones through x-ray (wish x-ray wouldn't go so deep for some segments with certain characters like catwoman or penguin). Wow. Just wow.

I like especially how the game makes very real-life similarities with penguin and donald trump. Batman is bernie sanders and he is on a mission for equal pay for equal work. Especially if you're a black guy with glasses on who know how to computer. "Thanks for upgrading my cool car black guy who I hired for IQ and not specific head-skull best suited for Africa! Please have sexual intercourse with white woman, luring them in with my fat paycheck!". I feel bad for Alfred, being a gay man who is not allowed to put up his rainbow flag in the batcave for us to bask in whenever we talk to him 5 billion times and trying to ignore the fact that he's ignoring the nipples on the batsuit. (there is no nipples on the batsuit, Alfred is using x-ray vision). Sexual harassment is only wrong if men do it. Except if the man is gay.

Very good game. I like a lot punch bad man but (???) why no black baddies? I would very much like to strangle, choke and reverse german suplex black people, women especially. Can't we have a game centered in Africa where batman has to save Liberia from super-criminals whose super power is chucking spears and dropping bananas for batman to slip on? I think it's time to look forward from Gotham and have Batman fight ISIS in Syria. Thank you for your time.

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