Check out this website I am working on I really appreciate it.

I’m sorry to criticize your work but hopefully this can help you improve your site. I’m looking at this from mobile and when I get to your site I see four or so blobs of text that end in ellipsis, to understand what’s on the other side of that link, a headline or at least a description to lead off would be a much better experience. Drilling into one of your links, you have what look to be a series of amazon reviews with commissioned links to the products, I understand that’s your product, but to get people to click those links you need to provide an experience that doesn’t feel like reading reviews on Amazon. What makes you qualified to write these reviews, why are you relatable to your readers, what makes your site better more personal than the gajillion other people trying to get a cut of my spending? A few suggestions for easy and immediate improvement: Add pictures of you using the products, bonus points for professional quality pics but if not at least make someone you trust QA them. Reformat your reviews and hide them in stories so people can relate, if someone is looking for reviews they already have the amazon page up and you lost your commission, people browse stories. Add a bio and make it the main focus of your landing page. Add some personal flair or at least change some settings from the defaults.

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