Shark attack

First of all you’re basing this off the OP not correctly identifying Lily as an Orca (which my comment didn’t have any intention of referencing that and was more of just a fun thought that i thought i’d share)

Secondly i was more speaking in terms of which is known more as the killer. Sharks are portrayed as these vicious predators when in reality they’re hardly harmful in any way and in most cases of shark involved injuries they let their curiosity get the best of them or mistook someone for something that is apart of their diet. While Orcas are portrayed as they majestic creatures that could do no wrong and are put on pedestals at aquariums like Seaworld. In reality they’re just highly intelligent malicious killers and have even killed the hands that fed them and not only that but they’re smarter than humans (socially) and have ways of communicating that we could never dream of.

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