Trump administration rolls back protections on endangered animals, allows hunting of wolves, as Colorado attempts to re-introduce species.

It's because they have been given a $1,000 bounty on wolves with an individual able to exchange up to 30 wolves and not because of the threats they pose.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game recently announced it had awarded approximately $21,000 in “challenge grants” to the north Idaho-based Foundation 4 Wildlife Management, which reimburses wolf trappers a bounty up to $1,000 per wolf killed. The Foundation also has received funding for wolf bounties from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. A single individual may now kill up to 30 wolves under Department hunting and trapping rules — a new increase from the 20 wolves previously allowed.

“Wolves are a native species and part of our iconic western wildlife heritage,” said Derek Goldman, Northern Rockies representative of the Endangered Species Coalition. “It’s deeply disappointing that Idaho Department of Fish and Game is abandoning science and ethics in its zeal to eradicate wolves, when many nonlethal, less-costly approaches to conflict prevention already exist.”

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