Wednesday Open Marketplace

Hello. Not sure if still able to post here, first time poster.

I have an incomplete Altergeist core I am looking to sell as I've had more fun with my CyDrags. Currently only looking for paypal and asking $215 tracked for the entire incomplete core. Thanks!

[H] 3x Pot of Extravagance [Secret] 1st 1x Primebanshee [Ultra Mega-Pack] 1st 2x Meluseek [Ultra Mega-Pack] 1st 3x Kunquery [Common] 1st 3x Camouflage [Rare CIBR] 1st 3x Protocol [Super Rare CIBR] 1st 3x Spoofing [Super Rare OTS9] 3x Manifestation [Ultra BLRR] 1st 3x Silquitous [Super CIBR] 1st 1x Marionetter [Starfoil SP18] 1st 2x Marionetter [Ultra MP18] 1st 2x Hexstia [Super EXFO] 1st 1x Hexstia [Ultra BLRR] 1st 2x Multifaker [Ultra FLOD] 1st 1x Multifaker [Ultra FLOD] Unlimited

IMGUR link:

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