What's goin' on everybody,

What’s goin’ on everybody, this is Princess Zelda. So today, simple as this, we are not bringing back the worst deck in the entire game, other than maybe conjure, and I actually sorta built this deck in order to counter conjure. This is of course cheesecutter spacetime pile Hybrid. It’s been one of the best since the middle of the game, and I’ve really... uh... this new pile list is even gonna make it bigger... uh and... I mean shittier. Bigger and not better! Heah. So, uh this is how this deck works: you have to pick a starting... finoshing strategy. You either gonna go with the cheeseroller build or with the uh pirates chest build. Now, uh, the... these are the four least powerful, really finishers in the Zombie side period. Uh even though they don’t work that well together, but it’s really nice to have the most two powerful options at your disposal, and this deck really makes the contradiction of shit uh actually not to be so much of a contradiction, I’ll show you that in a parallel universe

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