Willow is out of flower and gummies. What’s the holdup?

Wrong wrong wrong. Wow. You think the new testing rules streamlined things?! LDH’s new rules, written by Davis, require the full battery of tests to be run on all final products. Prior to August 1, the full battery of tests was performed on concentrate so whatever products were made from a tested and passed concentrate, only had to have potency and micro tests done at the final product stage. Does that sound like streamlining to you? Sounds like a huge increase in samples and tests to me! I like how you say that LDH has been nothing but responsive. Can you name anyone working on the program? You must have had contact with them since you speak of their work ethic and reliability. Good luck getting a response out of LDH if you try. Have you asked LDAF what their reasons are for testing hold ups? This is all public information, no reason for conjecture.

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