Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2 was released yesterday

The two features I've been waiting for!

Attribute Editor

Wonderware Application Server object editors have been streamlined for ease of adding features and attributes to objects. The functionalities of Field Attributes - both Discrete FAs and Analog FAs - have been combined with the functionalities of User Defined Attributes (UDAs) and attribute extensions to create unified, simplified attributes which you can create and configure using a new Attribute Editor in place of the traditional Field Attribute, UDAs, and Extensions tabs in each object editor. For information about using the Attribute Editor to create and modify attributes on objects, see the Wonderware Application Server User's Guide. For reference information specific to each Application Object, see the object help for each object. For reference information about Features and Attributes, see the "Attributes Help", available as a hyperlink from within each object help file.

I/O Auto Assignment

Viewing and configuring device integration for data access, manually or scripted, has long been labor-intensive and time-consuming. The I/O auto assignment feature now provides an automated means of assigning application objects to devices, and of specifying input sources and output destinations on attributes. Device Integration objects still must be configured manually, but the majority of objects and attributes in your galaxy can now be auto assigned to devices and I/O. A Device View pane in the IDE provides a hierarchical view of how your objects are assigned to devices and scan groups. You can use the Device View to drag and drop objects to assign them without checking out and checking in the objects. An I/O Device Mapping view provides a grid layout of your devices, scan groups, application objects, resulting references, and run-time values. The I/O Mapping View also allows you to override the auto assignment and to filter the visible information.

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