1 upvote and I'll make Tankie x Anarkiddy Fanfiction and post it

Jokes on you I was gonna write it anyway! I watched Jregs 100 question and then immediately fell in love with the subreddit's fanart of our 4 3 2 good boys and then wrote out a draft of a entire fanfiction in a text to my girlfriend over 2 hours (she liked it) and I have literally nothing to do because we live in hellworld so I'm gonna write some gay shit, will update when it's done.

Also, like I get the whole point of Jreg and Anti-Centrism is unifying in hate against centrists (who suck) but like I'm a trans woman, I can't get away with ignoring literal genocide like somebody else can, one of the first things the Nazis did after coming to power was shut down and burn Hirschfeld's Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft. Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, and Anarchists can debate their ideologies on good faith, hell even Ancaps can debate if they really want to, but I don't care about the authright wanting their freespeech or whatever.

Anyway, should be out in a week or 2, prolly 5-6 chapters, might add more if people are interested

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