I love my husband and he's an incredible spouse, I cheated and am well aware that I am the scum of the Earth. He found out, gave me another chance, and I did it again. Wtf is wrong with me? Can anyone seriously recommend a course of action?? Is there a way to mend a marriage after all of this?

I feel like the other two people who have posted on here are being mean, rude and come on y’all that’s unnecessary. Your husband must love you a lot if he was willing to give you another chance. You probably mean the world to him and he loves you so much he decided that he would forgive you. That’s a hard decision for anyone. I’ve never been in your situation but I have thought about it. But I sat down and realized I could never do that to the person who adores me with all of their heart. I love my husband to death. With that being said I know temptations can be hard. As a matter of fact I often have people come to me saying they feel tempted to cheat on their husbands. I am a religious person so I always tell them that the devil has a way of bringing ungodly ways apon us. He wants us to hurt those who love us. But I want you to sit down and think about this. Really think of the damage it’s doing to your spouse. You say you love him, right? But how can you cheat on the person you love? How would you feel if you were being cheated on? All I’m going to say is rethink what you are doing. If you feel like you can’t stop cheating please tell your husband. Save him the pain. Get out before you two have a kid and he’s stuck being miserable for the rest of his life. Rethink your choices, maybe go to church and pray. I know a lot of people will say going to church is the last thing they would do. But I promise you it could be healing and it might help you realize what you need to do. Please, really think of your actions. They are hurting the person who said he would love you and only you until death does you two apart.

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