24 [F4M] LA--fwb: choke me, spank me, pull my hair

By now you have 100 emails. So no use gating stuck in the middle of the clutter. I'm sending this when it's far too late. And therefore just a little bit intriguing. I have a room at a 5star Santa Monica hotel (Casa del Mar). I'm white, attractive, 35, witty, sarcastic, creative type, travel the world, and a gentleman. I prefer movies to TV shows. Although I love GoT - like everyone else. I'm a fan of blowjobs. Who isn't? I'm pretty thick which means you'd either love it or hate it. Tiny mouths have been a challenge before. Before our encounter, I'd be anxious, nervous, excited. Waiting for a wonderful girl to open the door. I think the anticipation would drive me nuts as I'm a foreplay junkie. I can reciprocate if that's what you're into - I'm a master at pleasing with my tongue. Oh. One thing- Are you actually a dude? A 400lb dude collecting sex stories and having your way with my words? Shit. Hope not. I already imagine your tongue grazing me. I'm putty in your hands. I like to play the submissive, letting you take control for this encounter... to start. I do as you say. It's your rules. I can already hear you gasp in delight when you unzip my pants. The smoothness and thickness is to your liking. You approve. Will you tease me? Will you force me to beg? Will you be rough? The anticipation. The heavy breathing. But you like a rough blowjob and when you see how think I am, I think you'll equally rise to the challenge. Enthusiastically grabbing and swallowing as hard as you can. If you let me I'll reach down and feel your wetness. If you let me I'll reciprocate. Encouraging you to work hard for an equal reward. But if you enjoy torturing me and leaving without payback, I respect your decision. I can also draw a portrait of you as foreplay. I draw a mean stick figure and I would not charge you for this service. Serious. We can talk afterwards. Or before. Get to know each other and see if there's chemistry and a feeling of safety. We can talk over an acai bowl. Or chat over some fair trade organic coffee.


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