[75 years ago today] German commandos captured in American uniform are prepared for execution, 23 December 1944. Colour by PieceOfJake.

are you stupid... those photos are of my grandfather who served in the Soviet army... most of them are from when he was in leningrad. If you believe they're fake than I dare you to do a reverse image search and show me where I got those photos from. By the way am not a nazi XD. Me pitying the deaths of men makes me a nazi in your faggot world ? Fucking miserable sack of shit.

Also why dont you end yourself.... you autistic piece of dog shit. You are garbage... human garbage, imagine asking people to kill themselves for pitying the death of another person. It's people like you, who are gross and pathetic, keyboard warrior faggots like you that the world is shit. You pathetic bugman

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