The accessibility of PBS Idea Channel

I definitely agree you with in terms of the speed; I don't have a problem with jump cuts like some people do. I feel when used in certain places, like at the end of sentences, it causes the video to have somewhat of a better flow.

However, the seemingly increasing use of jump cuts plus Mike speaking faster than ever, is causing me to rewind the video about every 90 seconds. In the Korrasami video I had to stop and go back every so often, and everything brought up in that video I considered myself well-versed in, so density shouldn't have been a problem there, but it kind of was.

As far as density goes, I see what you mean but I don’t personally have as much of a problem with it, at this point I sort of expect that during most episodes I will need to stop, open up a new tab, and look up a particular term or person a few times an episode, that’s somewhat ok for me at least. The first time I noticed how dense an episode could be was the one about Evangelion.

For your questions,

I disagree with you on 2, I actually think that they’re way of making videos is a really interesting way to do it. The use of pop culture gifs to somewhat explain or help visualize a topic, does help me understand, or at least go along with what they’re trying to get across. However I would like it if I could read a transcription of the episode after I watched it.

I agree with you on 1 and 3, especially 3, but I know that it was sort of an eventuality. You have pop culture topics mixed with big ideas and a competition to be mentioned at the end of the next video. So you’re going to get people want recognition for being smart, so they’ll put more effort that needed into a response just so they’ll get screenshotted in the Doobly Doo. That being said Mike is pretty good about putting 2 or 3 regular statement style comments at the end of the videos.

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