Advice on searching for ornithology technician jobs

Thanks so much! Here's one of my cover letters:

And here's the link to the job description:

Further questions about this position, specifically:

    1. I've added sentences 3 and 4 in my second paragraph but I'm afraid it's a little too much. Is this appropriate detail/does it sound too braggy? I really don't know if bussing 2-3 hours to and from work shows tenacity to the recruiter but I think it does...
    1. Should I include my lab experience? It's not quite relevant to this position, but it's bird research. It'll show up on my resume either way.
    1. I'm applying to the nestling measurer rather than the nest-searcher position since I feel more qualified for that (handling experience and all), but there's only 2 openings as opposed to 6. What do? I suppose I will ask if I can apply for another position when I mail this in.

Further general questions:

    1. I've been really struggling with "show, not tell". I could say on my cover letter "I am really eager to learn and super excited and I'll sacrifice my first-born if it means I can get this job" but I feel like it turns out to be just fluff. Also feels like bragging. How can I master showing/not telling as well as accurately depicting my strengths, without making it sound arrogant?
    1. I think maybe a problem I've had with previous cover letters is not being specific enough - I mostly included a brief overview of what I did in each relevant experience, and that's not memorable (something similar to my third paragraph in this letter). Is this accurate?
    1. Is it appropriate to use more exclamation marks? How can I convey my excitement and passion while sounding professional?!
    1. A question about resumes: what is the sweet spot for describing your experience? Right now I have bullet points and sentence fragments, but I can't help but feel that makes everything sound very generic and reductive.
    1. At what point does contacting/re-contacting someone become annoying/weird? I've sent at most one follow-up e-mail a few weeks later (like "Hey, I'm just wondering if you've received my application because I haven't heard back from you"), because I don't want to feel like I'm being pesky.

Again, thank you so much for offering to look over my cover letter. And for fielding many noob questions!

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