Amtrak sucks!

That's my short answer here is the longer verison: Call me foolish and optimist, but it's time to improve rail service in this country. Why, because we rank 22nd in passenger service worldwide. Contact the CEO of Amtrak Richard Anderson. Traveling by train was how Americans traveled and saw the country until the 1950's until air flight took over. Since then the government has been throwing money at airlines and what have we got? Long waits, poor service and security theatre (thanks to NSA). Our country is beautiful, and best seen at ground level but our government and Amtrak are determined to undermine it. As a result Amtrak sucks and it's time to change that. You may never travel by train ( you should, the view is amazing) but building the transcontinental railway was THE major undertaking of engineering in the 19th century. Lest you think rail travel is obsolete look at Europe, the Trans Siberian railway and high speed trains of Japan as examples of the best way to see the land. Help make a small change and carry that over to big change. Thank you.

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