AncestryDNA and Thrulines Are a MESS (A bit of a rant)

Lmao This is too funny because I ran across something like this, checked it as BS and put it in the back of my mind…but then it turned out to be true – Indian princesses don’t exist but she was the daughter of a chief. She came up as Elizabeth Newton(1758-1830?)Very confusing as that is clearly not a native name… After doing a bunch of research over the years, I’ve come to find out that she was a Catawba Indian woman who lived on the Newton side of the river which is why she took the Newton last name. Her real name was Wada Missouri.

“Notes for Elizabeth Newton: Her "Indian name" was Wada Missouri so her people may have been Oto-Missouri / Watota Neutache (Chiwere Sioux) who joined the Catawba (Eastern Sioux); Newton is the name of one of the two towns of the Catawba established 1780: Wada Missouri took the English name, Elizabeth Newton. The name "Missouri" likely for Hawk clan - the Red-tailed Hawk was at one time known as the Missouri Hawk. "Wada" may derive from or may be related to the Ani Tsalagi (Cherokee) word for the Broad-winged Hawk, Ta-Wa-Di. The Red-Tailed Hawk is associated with the Newton family by tradition, although to be traditionally correct as Hawk clan members, it should be inherited only in the female line (mother's mother).

Children She was the mother of at least 11 Box children - four daughters (Wada Missouri, Margaret, Unknown, Unknown) and seven sons (Edward Newton, Moses J, Michael, Henry Newton, Joseph, John Sr, Archibald "Arch")

US Census 1790 SC Laurens 96th District: one of four females in Edward Box household (w three daughters); 1800 SC Laurens 1820 TN Humphreys: wife +45 of Edward Box; 1830 TN Perry ?? 1840 TN Perry (not verified)

Edward Box is supposed to have been captured by the indians and married one.Elizabeth Newton, therefore, should be the full blooded Choctaw indian.

More About Elizabeth Newton and Edward Box: Marriage: 1775

Children of Elizabeth Newton and Edward Box are:

+Rebecca Box, b. 1782, Laurens Co., South Carolina, d. 1862, Star of the West, Pike Co., Arkansas.”

My grandfather Edward box was actually kidnapped by the catawba Indians as a child. He was raised by them and went on to marry Wada, they went on to have 11 children. Rebecca box, their daughter is my 5x ggrandma! My great grandmother iueka ochessa, was “named after Her”. I don’t remember exactly who told me that we had the natives in us, but it was a family thing to say. I couldn’t believe when I figured out it was partially true and texted all my cousins! Only one of us retain the 1% native America is through Ancestry. So it does come up in all of our jet matches, and we all come back related to a known descendants of Rebecca who has their DNA on GED match!

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