Is anyone else frustrated over the group evaluation voting system?

As a fan of Ji Sung and a fan of Hyeongseop, my heart was torn in two.

I thought that team 2's performance was more slick and beast-like but team 1 was much more personable and fun. If I had to pick, even though I am more biased towards Ji Sung, I'd pick team 2 only because they matched 2pm's image better. That's why I'm not too miffed about the unfair advantage. But the numbers are ambiguous. Rewatching the picking bit, I saw that Junyoung (the leader) picked the As first, then Eunki so I can only assume he picked Yongbin the D or Hyun Bin the C last. I assume Yong bin would have been last though because he's the D and because Hyun Bin would have been a memorable audition being Taekwando guy. Yongbin happened to do the worst in the performance. If they were 6 members it'd be 357 vs 383. Even if you added Yong Bin to Team 1 (pretend that he'd get a similar score) they'd still lose 375 vs 383.

It's really all just Hyeongsub ruining the balance and fairness of the game lmao. I love him but he really didn't contribute much to the performance unlike Hyunmin.

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