Anyone know where I can get a fuel tank for my red/burgundy 2006 FZ6? Took a bad spill this morning (I’m ok) after a tractor trying to make a U turn came into my lane, I checked ebay and only found dented ones. Thank you in advance.

I bought a wrecked vtx 1300c a few years ago from a guy that got into a bottle of shine and decided to go for a ride. The bike had the frame, motor, and rear wheel/tire for $1500. I bought everything accept the 18" ape hangers used from ebay and the tank had a softball size dent in the front by the neck. A perfect tank was $400 dollars, the tank i got was $85, since i only like bedliner for paint, i knew the paint would hide the problems i couldnt fix. So i filled the dent with bondo and sanded for days to get it close, then it got coated in bedliner. I was able to ride the bike for 3 years and then sell it for what i had in the bike. So it was a win win, since i like projects i wasnt out to make money or rip someone off. The bike is still on the road. In the same condition it was bought in.

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