Anything is better than SasuSaku.

You know, SasuSaku would have made sense if Kishimoto didn't decide to have them attempt to kill each other during Shippuden.

SasuSaku has more moments than NaruHina in part 1 because they were teammates. For example: Sasuke noticing Sakura was upset before the Chunin Exams, and complimenting her randomly and smiling at her to cheer her up. When Sasuke woke up in the Forest of Death and saw that she was injured, the first thing he asked her was, "who did this to you?" while Naruto asked Sakura why her hair was shorter. Then Sasuke got out of control, and broke Zaku's arms - and his curse seal only receded after Sakura hugged him and begged him to stop. During the Gaara fight, Sasuke told Naruto to carry Sakura and run away, and that he would try to distract Gaara despite being in bad condition. When Sasuke woke up from his coma, he remembered how Sakura smiled when he told her that Naruto was the one who saved her - maybe jealousy?

Many people liked SasuSaku in part 1, but Shippuden ruined it.

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