Struggling/feeling indifferent

This last line of /u/Zazarstudios rings heavy. I realized I had ROCD when it didn’t really matter who my partner was or how “perfect” I saw them initially. This is when I also realized I needed help to overcome or subdue this monster.

This stuff comes with ups and downs. The other night I had an intense moment of clarity where I had none of these thoughts, and it was beautiful. I’m a believer in giving things time and avoiding rash decisions based off my obsessive thoughts that are lying to me. All I know is that I feel that this person is good for me, and I feel comfortable, loved and understood. When looks fade, that’s all that’s left. Try to be as rational as you can be.

The last thing you want to be is avoidant, that’s the most important piece of advice I received from my therapist yet.

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